The Drums

The earliest musical instrument

The drums along with the voice are one of the earliest musical instruments. It is an instrument that creates its sound by using a membrane – either synthetic or of animal skin over bowl shaped hollow bottom. The vibration generated by the taught membrane is amplified by the hollow and the sound is created.

Drums are used in a great variety of musical genres. One specific drum in particular – the Alligator Drum – is one of oldest surviving drums and was used by shamans in their rituals. Records of these drums being used dates back to 2300 BCE.

Even with the advance of technology and electric drums being all the rage soon after they came out most drummers in general prefer natural drums. For their sound quality and their connection to the earth.

Interesting Drumming Facts

  • There is a form of drumming that has gone beyond merely music and turned the activity of drumming into exercise.
  • A lady by the name of Viola Smith is one of the most well know female drummers.
  • Drums have also been used to attempt to access altered states of consciousness. This is a remarkable use of music elevating music from something just to listen to, to something very transformative.
  • The longest drum roll ever recorded was by one person who went at it for 8 hours at a shopping Centre in California.
  • Drums are even used in some forms of group therapy. It is not just the sound the drums make that people enjoy but especially the rhythm. It is said that drumming to the rhythm of a human heart beat is very soothing.
  • There even has been a drumming marathon, where a group drummed away for 122 hours.
  • The biggest drumming kit consists of 813 components and took a lengthy 36 years to build.