The Keyboard

For many people when they think of the keyboard instrument they think of a modern, electric, instrument but it actually has a rich and old history. Genius musician Mozart tricked a queen and royalty into thinking he was playing on a piano by covering the keyboard on a table. There are different keyboard type instruments. Examples are the piano, the organ, the harpsichord, and the clavichord.

At its most basic the keyboard is a musical instrument that creates its music by a player pressing on keys which are aligned in a row. Unlike the piano there is no difference whether the player presses hard upon the keys or gently – the sound and loudness remain the same on a traditional keyboard.

The white keys on a keyboard often are naturals while the black notes typically consist of sharps and flats. The keyboard is an instrument in its own right that is employed a wide variety of musical genres. Pianists use the keyboard today as a cheaper alternative, as not everyone can have a piano at home, as well as for the convenience of being able to practice whilst traveling or being away from home.

Modern keyboards are electronic and, depending on the model, may contain software that will modify the sound creating sound effects on the notes. Some electronic keyboards light up the keys that you need to press to follow a specific piece of music. There are different sizes of keyboard to ones that match a piano.

The keyboard is also an ideal instrument for those wishing to maintain a minimalist living space. Pianos take a lot of space whereas keyboards can be neatly tucked away in a cupboard when not in use. It is also a great way for beginner pianists to use as a way to practice at home while saving up for a piano, or just to not rush into buying one and making sure it is something that they indeed want to pursue further.