The Violin

The violin is known affectionately as the king of the orchestra. It is loved for the unique sound it produces and its incredible difficulty and complexity. Its sound is produced by the bow which is made up of horse hair, and is drawn across the strings.

The violin is made up of two pieces of equipment – the bow and the violin. A violinist, through experience, knows the correct tension of the bow to use (this is also a matter of personal preference).

Whilst not a part of the violin per se, there is another indispensable part to the instrument and that is the resin. A resin of a tree is applied liberally to the bow, which gives the horse hair enough friction to grip the strings producing the sound. If there is not enough resin the bow will likely slide off or not create enough sound.

The violin is a very popular choice for those wishing to play on their own. Alternatively it is also a great option to play in a group, small or big, whether just with a pianist in a duo at home or with large scale orchestras. The violin comes in different sizes. The 4/4 size is for adults while any smaller sizes that 4/4 i.e. 3/4, 1/2 etc. are smaller versions intended for children and adolescents.

Older violins are a great option for more advanced players and are valued for a more mellow sound. If one intends to buy an old violin ensure that it is from the same or similar environment that the player is situated in. If the violin is in a country that is very hot and humid but where the player lives it is very dry with little to no humidity, the violin could break as the wood has become used to a constant humidity.